Why is it important?

It unifies us as one body of believers.

If Pat Boone is correct that 70% of Americans are Christians, then that means that there are 210 million Christians in the United States. If half of that amount are of voting age then that is 105 million people. We need each and every Christian voter to become a Member of Christian American Politics. Can you imagine 100+ million Christian Voters voting in unison? We want you, your spouse, your Mom and Dad, your Grandparents, your Children, your Brothers and Sisters, your Neighbors, and your Co-Workers. If God be for us, then who can be against us?

Membership is FREE, although, as with any endeavor it takes money to make it happen. Public appearances, print ads, radio spots, television commercials, staffing.

We want (both) you and your financial support.

You wanted a chance to make a difference, so, here’s your chance.

Please Join and Donate today.

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